The Cleveland Show – Part 2

Osweiler has the reins, the best chance of short-term and long-term success has been seized. I may be vindicated…!

Brock will lead the Browns during their first preseason game tonight verses the Saints despite the fact he is currently listed as the no.2 Qb on the depth chart. Cody Kessler has reportedly struggled with his accuracy and confidence throughout camp, where as those who have the pleasure to watch these things have reported that Brock looks assured and calm under centre despite mostly working with the B-team.

This is great news for Browns fans even if they don’t know it yet. If Brock can function and lead the team whilst Kessler (2nd year) and DeShaun Kizer (drafted this year) sit and learn then the risk of over-exposing the youngsters is limited. They should be able to absorb and adjust to the NFL without taking too many meaningful snaps. I had the Browns pegged to win 4-5 games this season as they continue to build the team, but that was with Qb uncertainty at the fore. If Hue Jackson could commit to Osweiler and nurture him as at least a 1 year stop-gap then maybe things get better for the Browns faster than I or anyone thought.

Take a look at the division they’re in (AFC North). The other 3 teams all have issues ahead of them and the Browns could be in a position to make significant gains on their direct rivals if they play things right. The Baltimore Ravens don’t know when Joe Flacco will be back to steer their ship, and in the mean time they appear to be sticking with Ryan Mallett who has already had an interception filled training camp. If he continues to be a turnover machine in the preseason then one of two things may happen, either Flacco could be rushed back too soon from his injury or another Quarterback may be brought in to guide the team until Joe-the-throw (It’s a good nickname…right?…right?!) is fully fit. Neither scenario is ideal for the Ravens who are desperate to return to the playoffs after a 2-year absence. The Steelers are undoubtedly the most talented team in the AFC North but they were momentarily rocked after Big Ben mentioned retirement during the off season, and must now be seriously considering who their next franchise Qb will be. LeVeon Bell has a history of suspension and injuries, and Martavious Bryant is only 1 indiscretion away from joining Browns receiver Josh Gordon in the Career Sin-bin. So, talented-yes, but flawed too. That leaves the Bengals, who struggled with their O-Line last year and look set to be worse at that position this time around following the loss of Tackle, Andrew Whitworth, to the Rams. We could see Andy Dalton crushed time and time again and new running back Joe Mixon struggle to find holes to run through.

The point here is that if the Browns choose to “Rock with Brock” then they have a proven winner at the helm to help them through a division in flux whilst bedding in potential starters for the future. Ride it out and hope that his accuracy improves enough from last year to pick out Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman for a dozen or so Tds whilst handing off assuredly to Crowell or Dukes to punch in the short-yardage efforts. Suddenly 6 wins + is possible… what say you DAWG POUND?!

Of course, Osweiler may flop as mightily as he did last year and either Kessler or Kizer could be thrown into the fire right away resulting in another 1 win travesty… just how Browns would that be?

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