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No, not that fantasy. Leave that one for another time. Lets talk fantasy football.

We have a 10 team standard scoring league, this is our third season playing and so far ive avoided the wooden spoon each year so im happy! 4th last season wasn’t bad considering the fact I started  different Qbs. I always try and draft to a plan, usually revolving around how many quality RB’s I can lay my hands on. This year I threw an early pick on a T.E. too as I shuffled through a few in previous years and rarely are any of the “leftovers” any good.  So, lets take a look at the Team I chose, I give you the…



QB M. Stafford

RB D. Freeman

RB D. Murray

WR E. Decker

WR M. Crabtree

TE G. Olsen

FLEX R. Kelly (rb)

DEF Giants

K D. Bailey


B D. Jackson (wr)

B M. Jones (wr)

B A. Gates (te)

B L. Blount (rb)

B B. Marshall (wr)

B D. Woodhead (rb)

This is hardly the ideal line up as I left QB choice a little late and probably chose my second T.E. (Gates) on sentiment as opposed to need. That said, im really happy with my Running back depth which is always important in a league of attrition and I feel that ive cashed in on no.2 receivers who work opposite highly covered no.1s thus leaving them open for Tds and big pick ups. It’s the first time ive not picked a Pats player ( Was hoping for The D/ST) because it looks like a case of RB by committee and WR by committee too! I’ll let you know how I get on throughout the year. Feel free to have your say on my G.M abilities.


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