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A piece by G-Lo Brown.

Week2 -San Francisco 49ers


So what did we learn in week 2?


Not much is probably the first answer. It is still very early days for this team and as we keep being told this is a full rebuilding job.

We did learn however, that the defence is the definite strength of this 49ers team currently.

Off season both trades and drafts were heavily weighted in the direction of making the team competitive and staying in games. Positively Foster is apparently out of the foot boot but with no set timescale to return as yet.

There are other positives in the defence with De Forest Buckner(4 tackles and 9 pressures) and Solomon Thomas(4 tackles), who the 49ers moved back up to take in the draft, performing superbly in a defence spending a lot of time on the field. With Foster to come back and Bowman fit, for now, the defence may keep this team in some games.


The offence though really need to get going to give the defence some time off the field. Brian Hoyer anyone who listens to @belichicksworld will know I’m not a fan, but seriously, Rating after two games 60.7 offence passing 31st in the NFL.

I don’t agree he is a starting QB no matter what he did with the Browns.

One bright light is Carlos Hyde. He is literally singlehandedly trying to drag this offence to the end zone and coming up 4th and inches every time.

One last mention; where is Kyle Juszczyk? We were told he was an “offensive weapon” after being made the highest paid FB in the league. Stats after Week 2 –

Receptions 2 for 17 yards

Rushes  1 for 0 yards


Seahawks wise, well, they look very poor in offence and clearly have not invested in that offensive line enough. Their run game is looking very weak and Wilson is very much the difference against most teams.


The division is poor and they will win it easily, but, at the moment they are clearly not the strongest the NFC has to offer.


So as I write this at 5.16am San Francisco local time I am starting to think the $120 I’ve invested to go to the 49ers vs Rams game may not be Warren Buffetesque!


I have hope but just hope without Brian Hoyer!!


note from your editor:- Gary is right in the Heart of the game tonight. Tomorrow he may need your support and understanding.

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