TNF and musings from the 1st quarter of the season

Ok, so 4 weeks are behind us and the league is already throwing up huge surprises. Those who’ve been great, those who’ve sucked and those that we had never considered contenders that may just be doing enough (Hi there Bills fans). So, as i sit in anticipation of the Pats getting rolled in Tampa tonight here are a few things to consider.

  1. Belichick knows best… This is the mantra of most who have watch the Patriots build a dynasty in a league set up to prevent dynasties. I am onboard with the theory but im only just clinging on. The D was lauded during the pre-season for having an unbeatable secondary and for being “solid” upfront. Neither of these have proven to be correct. The signing of Gilmore to play alongside Butler has not paid off yet, and the loss of Rob Ninkovich has proven to be a damaging one to the D-Line. Yes there is time to put it right, but as a fan I want to see progress on this front ASAP. Losing to the Buccs could sink the season already. For the record, Jamis likes to hurl the ball downfield and if he can establish a rapport with Desean Jackson then New England are in trouble as that is just the type of combo thats beaten them so far this year. I’ll say 24-27 in favour of the Buccs. If N.E do lose watch out for personnel turnover on the D.
  2. Injuries are always key… Derek Carr may be out for up to 6 weeks, Sam Bradford has missed 2 already, Dalvin Cook is done for the year, Julian Edlemann never got chance to play in anger, Mariota is carrying a problem, Gronk stuggles to stay fit week in week out,the Ravens are missing Yanda like no one realised they would, Eifert has been restricted, No. 1 draft pick Myles Garrett is yet to see the field, T.J Watt started well then crumbled, Andrew Luck hasn’t appeared yet, Allen Robinson is done for the year… The list goes on and on. There will be an article soon about back up QBs and how essential they are to success, but squad depth across the board is being tested as much as it ever has. Think your team is holding up? Wait ’til next week.
  3. The Browns. I mean, c’mon. Show up. 2-29 in the last 31 games? Christ, I could do that. Hue Jacksons seat must be smouldering already if not roasting. Yes they have a rookie QB making the inevitable errors, yes they’re without Garrett on the D and yes they seem to have gotten an impostor to play instead of Kenny Britt but the excuses have to stop eventually. The last team to get consecutive no.1 draft choices? The Browns in 99 and 2000. Here we go again…
  4. Penalties. Too many of them. Defensive pass interference is almost a given now and that shouldnt be the case, the D needs to be able to utilise some physicality to even up the balance of power that currently sits firmly with the offense. Pick plays and the like that are tolerated within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage are enforced too harshly, unless there is an egregious foul then please, let the game flow. Unneccessary roughness? Look, its a mans game. Hits are a huge part of the entertainment, players have padding and some common sense…right…right?? All im saying is, the roughness is necessary if you want to win games.
  5. Can we lay off Alex Smith now?
  6. Some one give Kap a job so i can stop hearing his bloody name being thrown out there every week.
  7. The Bills are the real deal. Well, the Defense is anyway. Barely 200 rushing yards surrendered in total to 4 good RBs over 4 weeks (Forte, Stewart, Anderson, Freeman)  and just 1 passing TD. If Taylor keeps extending plays with his legs then the Bills have a great shout at a playoff place. Yes, Really!
  8. The london games have sucked. Try harder.
  9. Todd Bowls has the Jets playing for him and playing for pride. I thought 0-16 was on the cards due to the poor management and gutting of the squad, instead they sit 2-2 and far from bottom of the power rankings. I feel daft. Mike McCagnan must feel daft. Brandon Marshall should really feel daft. Well done Jets, if 2 wins is all you get then you’ve maxed out your potential. If 3-4 occur then you’ve blown the doors off as a group.
  10. I am crap at fantasy football. 1-3 with around 70 points a week and no clue how to improve my team. Eric Decker was a poor selection, the Olsen injury was a blow and the Ravens D falling apart really hurts. Im nearly as bad at Fantasy as i am at picking real life results. So far this year, 39/62. Damn.

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