How is your teams week 5 looking…?

Predicting week 5

TNF didn’t go the way I’d thought (no change there), now its time to look ahead to Sundays games to see what may transpire. Will the Chiefs go 5-0? Chargers or Giants…one has to win right? Maybe the Browns finally notch a W. As ever, its guess work so no taking it too much to heart. Lets take a peak into the near-future…

Bills @ Bengals (3-1 v 1-3)

The Bills D has been lights out so far whilst the Bengals only got their offense moving last time out against the Browns…which doesn’t really count right? Give me a win for Buffalo on the road. 20-13

Jets @ Browns (2-2v 0-4)

I never thought I’d write this at the start of the year but the Jets could be about to go above .500. The Browns are easily the worst team out there at the moment and Gang Green have gathered some momentum. Its all relevant, but right now the Jets look exceptional compared to Hue Jacksons mess of a squad. Jets win 24-10

Panthers @ Lions (3-1 v 3-1)

Two teams whos records say they are evenly matched. The Lions could easily be 4-0 whilst the Panthers have hardly looked worthy of their record so far. Coming off of a last gasp victory over the Pats will help but Carolina doesn’t have the offense to out perform the Lions excellent secondary. Cam will probably turn the ball over more the Stafford and that should clinch the game for Detroit. 17-24

49ERS @ Colts (0-4 v 1-3)

Gary, Jim, 49ers fans in general, this is the must-win week. It gets tough from here so cross everything you’ve got. The 9ers D is good and if they can pressure Brissett into a turnover or two then the game is within reach. Hoyer isn’t lighting opposition D’s up but the Colts are hardly excelling on the defensive side so if he can look after the ball (no 12 second INTs) then I think that San Fran can hold their own. 49ers to win. 27-21

Titans @ Dolphins (2-2 v 1-2)

Early season make or break time for the Titans as they have yet to show any consistency with what should be a n excellent squad. Equally the Dolphins need to step up on offense and utilise the talents they have to put points on the board. Tough one to call as neither team is playing well. Without Mariota at the helm (thigh) the Titans are significantly the worst of this pair so gimme the ‘Fins. 13-24

Chargers @ Giants (0-4 v 0-4)

Sometimes bad teams make good games…boy do I hope so here. Neither team has gotten going so far this season, the offenses have been tepid and the defences haven’t been capable at holding out under late pressure. The Chargers have a slight edge in offensive totals so far this year and definitely have more potential in the run game. They have also replaced their kicker who’d been letting them down. So, I say the Giants fall hard here and slip to 0-5. 27-21 UPSET SELECTION  (Cos the Giants are at home)

Cardinals @ Eagles (2-2 v 3-1)

No David Johnson means no win for me against the Eagles who’ve been turning in effect performances each week and now seem to have awakened their run game. Wentz has the highest 3rd down conversion rate of any QB this season and there looks no stopping him. Carson Palmer has dragged himself into some form and thrown some good passes over the last couple of weeks but against the Eagles I cant see him not getting picked at least once. The Cards stand a chance if Ellington produces from the backfield but whos counting on that? Eagles win. 20-27

Jags @ Steelers (2-2 v 3-1)

Steelers win. Right? They have to. Its been an up and down start for the Jags and the defense is capable of an upset here, but surely the Steelers win. They have too much going on offensively and even if its close im still not prepared to back Bortles in a late drive. This however could be a repeat of the Bears fiasco so Steeler fans bewar. In the last 3 years the Steelers are 14-12 v sub .500 teams and 18-4 v over .500 teams. That’s daft, show so damn consistency against poor teams! They’ll win, but don’t count on it being great. 24-27

Seahawks @ Rams (2-2 v 3-1)

The Rams always play well v the ‘Hawks, win or lose, and this time out I think they have the better team. Donald and co should destroy the Seahawks o-line and get to Wilson with relative ease. Don’t expect a mistake free game from Goff as the Seahawks secondary knows how to make QBs look bad, but Gurley should have a chance at 100+ yards combined and Kupp can out jump anyone we’ve seen so far. Close game. 17-21.

Ravens @ Raiders (2-2 v 2-2)

Assuming no Derek Carr means EJ Manuel gets to come and play. He isn’t the worst back up in the league by a long way, but against a Defense that really has taken a slap or two in the face recently I wouldn’t fancy his chances. Cooper has been poor (as in last out of 80 receivers that qualify for a ranking so far), even with the No.1 QB so im not sure he is going to provide much and Crabtree has struggled with an injury so may not play at all. Flacco can only get better and there were signs of his good relationship with Mike Wallace having re-awoken last time out. Ravens to win. 17-10

Packers @ Cowboys (2-1 v 2-2)

Cowboys at home should usually be a banker, but Im picking the Packers to take victory in Jerry World. The Dallas run D is still pretty poor meaning they have to stack the box which leaves Rodgers receivers 1-1 deep. Only one winner there right? Dak hasn’t been great with accuracy so far this year so I cant rely on him keeping up if the score gets ticking. 31-24.

Chiefs @ Texans (4-0 v 2-2)

Go ahead, pick the Texans and the D to finally end the winning start, I, sticking with the eyeball test and taking a proven team against one which has beaten expectations so far but still has a way to go. In the 4th qtr this season KC are 54-13 pts up so if DeShaun hangs in there for 45 mins I think he’ll struggle late on. 24-17

Vikings @ Bears (2-2 v 3-1)

Bradford is a game-time decision, which probably means, no Bradford. Keenum has done ok but has no consistent level of play which tightens this game up. He also wont have Dalvin Cook to lean on anymore. Latavious Murray shouldn’t be underestimated as he is a good player with a point to prove. The Bears win came against the Steelers who couldn’t raise their game against an inferior opponent, and now they have turned to Trubisky to spark the offense into life. Against one of the Top D units in the league I cant see it happening, give me the Vikes all day. 21-10 SURE FIRE SELECTION

Ok, that’s the predictions done, if you’re a gambler I’d pick against me!

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