TNF Eagles @ Panthers

Week 6 begins with a crunch match-up between two inform teams. The Carolina Panthers host The Eagles with both Quarterbacks playing as well as they have at any point and putting up similar number on the season so far. Lets take a quick look at the two before trying to pick a winner.

So Carson Wentz has thrown 117 attempts and 110 completions for a 62.1% comp percentage with 10 TDs and 3 INTs and a QBR of 97.7

Cam has thrown the ball 145 times for 99 catches at 68.3% with 8 TDs and 5 INTs and a Total QBR of 98.5 Close Huh. In close battles like that I always give the edge to experienced players so thats a point for the Panthers.

The run-game appears to favour the Eagles though as Blount has 323 yards  @ 5.8 and a TD compared to Stewarts 251 @3.3 and no score to date. Christian McCaffrey is yet to hit stride going at just 2.8 yards per carry on 34 attempt whilst Eagles no.2 rusher Smallwood is going at a steady 3.9 and also has a TD. The Eagles running squad has laid down 138.8 yards per game so far compared to just 98.6 from Carolina.

The Top receiver between the two teams is Zach Ertz who has complied 387 yards 2 Tds from 32 reception so far, putting him ahead of Nelson Agholor (266 and 3 Tds on 16 catches) and Alshon Jeffrey ( 246 and 6 from 20). Looking at the Panthers receivers it seems to be more tightly bunched in terms of yards receiving, Benjamin leads the way with 272 from 17, the Dickson with 271 from 11 and Funchess with 269 from 24. Respectively they have 1, 0, and 3 TDs.  The Eagles are putting up 259 passing yards per game which fairly out ranks the Panthers 228. Give this to the Eagles.

Home advantage rest with Carolina which is always worth something (except maybe for the Chargers) Which if youre keeping score puts us at 2-2. Im not one to sit on the fence so I’ll say the Panthers edge this one 17-21 on the day. Dont quote me on it though!

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