Week 5 result at a glance

Week 5 Results

So, week 5 has been and gone, lets take a quick flick through who won, who lost and who got crushed along the way.

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Patriots @ Buccs 19-14

QB: Brady 30/40-303-1-1                                                        Winston 26/46-334-1-0

RB: Lewis 7/53, Gillislee 12/52                                               Martin 13/74-1

WR: Cooks 5/85, Amendola 8/77                                           Jackson 5/106

TD: Hogan                                                                               Martin, Brate

Thursday night’s game wasn’t so much won by the Pats as lost by Nick Folk. 3 missed FG’s (and 2 the previous week) have had a mightily negative impact on a team that can’t seem to escape kicking woes (remember Roberto anyone…). Brady topped 300 yards again but was hit 6 times which is never good at 30+ let alone 40+. Hogan caught his 5 TD of the season whilst doing his best Gronk impression and set up the win to inject confidence back into the Pats. The D was a little improved, lets see how they fair next week before judging. Doug Martin looked excellent on his return from a drugs ban, the Buccs needed him to be ready from the off and he was.

Bills @ Bengals

QB: Taylor 20/37-166-1-1                                                       Dalton 22/36-328-1-2

RB: McCoy 19/63                                                                    Mixon 15/51-1

WR: O’Leary 5/54, Clay 2/31                                                  Green 7/189-1

TD: Tate                                                                                  Mixon, Green

The Bengals D needs much credit for getting 6 sacks on such a mobile QB, and the new offensive regime is clearly working well as Dalton passed for 300+ yards and constantly found AJ Green open down field. All round this is the Team we’d been expecting since the end of last season. Suddenly this division (AFC North) is interesting again. The Bills cant let his affect them if they wish to continue along the good foundations they’d laid. Easier said than done now that Charles Clay is hurt (Knee) as the TE was the best receiving option on the team. A bye next week might be well timed.

Jets @ Browns 17-14

QB McCown 23/30-194-2-1                                                    Kizer 8/17-87-0-1, Hogan 16/19-     194-2-1

RB: McGuire 11/20, Powell 2/5                                              Crowell 16/60

WR: Kerley 4/39, Kearse 4/38-1                                             Louis 5/71, Johnson 3/62-1

TD: Kearse, Sefarian-J                                                             Johnson, Njoku

JETS WIN AGAIN. 3-2! Ok, I didn’t see this coming at any point, but the Browns are horrendous. Kizer has to take a back seat if the Franchise is to get off the mark as he clearly has rookie issues that are being compounded by lack of confidence. Hogan looked so much more assured in relief. David Njoku scored again and seems to be the Browns best redzone hope. Josh McCown and the Jets are doing enough to win against average-poor teams, and spoiling the managements hopes of that no.1 pick… which could belong to Cleveland again.

Panthers @ Lions 27-24

QB: Newton 26/33-355-3-0                                                                Stafford 23/35-229-2-0

RB: Stewart 18/21, McCaffrey 3/7                                                     Abdullah 10/31

WR: Dickson 5/175!!!!                                                                        Jones 6/54, Tate 5/48

TD: Benjamin, Funchess, McCaffrey                                                  Zenner, Fells 2

Greg Olsens replacement Eric Dickson chewed up the lions for 175 yards as Cam picked this much vaunted secondary apart. To his credit Matt Stafford nearly pulled in back in the 4th again, but for the Lions to progress to the post season it has to stop coming down to him so late. Marvin Jones and Golden Tate both looked good but for the first time this season the run game was anaemic. Ebrons days at TE are surely numbered after another drop and two TD catches from fellow TE Darren Fells… Got to love the route-running by Funchess, some one should ask Cam about that.

49ers @ Colts 23-26 (ot)

QB Hoyer 29/46-353-2-0                                                                    Brissett 22/34-314-0-1

RB Breida 10/49                                                                                  Mack 9/91-1

WR Goodwin 5/116, Garcon 8/94                                                      Hilton 7/177

TD Kittle, Juszczyk                                                                               Mack, Brissett

Frank Gore moves to number 7 rushing all time and makes a great tackle after Brissett was intercepted to stop a TD return. Bravo. Marlon Mack out performed Gore though and may secure lead-back roles from here onwards. 9ers lose in OT again despite 17 4th qtr points, Brian Hoyer just cant quite do enough. This was Adam Vinateri 10th overtime game winning kick, just another notch on his enormous bedpost. The 9ers receivers looked great against a poor defense, but this felt like a must-win match up, and win they could not. Shanahan needs to make something happen soon or questions will be asked.

Titans @ Dolphins 10-16

QB Cassell 21/32-141-1-0                                                                   Cutler 12/26-92-1-1

RB Murray 14/58                                                                                Ajayi 25/77

WR Decker 4/34                                                                                  Landry 5/44-1

TD SUPERNAW!                                                                                   Landry, Jones

Matt Cassel out-performed Jay Cutler in a losing effort, look at the stat line, it wasn’t even close. Cutler just isn’t getting it done and you feel that against a healthy team or a better D he would’ve looked even worse and come away with nothing. Titans are making my prediction of a win in AFC south look daft, they need Mariota fit every week to make that realistic. Jarvis Landry snagged his first TD of the campaign which should help to spark a slow season for him into life. Matt Moore…remember him anyone…? Just sayin’.

Chargers @ Giants 27-22

QB Rivers 21/44-258-3-1                                                                    Eli 21/36-225-2-1

RB Gordon 20/105                                                                              Darkwa 8/69-1

WR Allen 4/67                                                                                     Beckham 5/97-1

TD Gordon 2, Henry                                                                            Beckham, Darkwa, Lewis

Where to start? Ok Giants are now 0-5, Chargers 1-4. OBJ, Brandon Marshall and back up receiver Harris are all done for the year (ankle, ankle, foot respectively) whilst Shepherd is nursing an injury of his own. Eli has no one to throw to! The run game managed a score but cant be relied on, Giants season crashed and burned. Who would they take at no.1? Melvin Gordon notched 100 yards and two TDs to really ease the pressure on Rivers and the team, 1-4 feels way way better than 0-5 for sure.

Cards @ Eagles 7-34

QB Palmer 28/44-291-1-0                                                                   Wentz 21/30-304-4-1

RB Johnson 9/21                                                                                 Blount 14/74

WR Nelson 4/80, Ellington 9/65                                                         Agholar 4/93-1

TD Brown                                                                                            Agholar,Smith, Ertz, Burton

Just 31 rushing yards for the Cards…they need to sort that out asap, is Adrian Peterson the answer? Probably not. The Carson-Bowl went the way of Wentz as he grabbed 4 TDs including 3 in the first qtr. The Eagles D was sterling again and the battle of the birds was never in doubt. Ellington continues to impress catching from the backfield for Arizona, but that was the only highlight on the day.

Jags @ Steelers 30-9

QB Bortles 8/14-95-0-1                                                                       Big Ben 33/55-312-0-5

RB Fournette 28/181-2                                                                       Bell 15/47

WR Lee 2/49                                                                                       Brown 10/157

TD Fournette 2, Smith (INT),Church (INT)

5 INTs in the game, no 300 yard games this season, wow, has Ben begun that slip which affected Manning snr two years back? He didn’t seem too confident in himself post game either “ maybe I don’t have it anymore”. Hmm. This Jags secondary is brilliant and when Bortles isn’t asked to do very much the team always has a chance to win. Two pick 6’s help. As does your lead back running rampant again. 181 yards and TDs? Thanks. Brilliant game from the rookie.

Seahawks @ Rams 16-10

QB Wilson 24/37-198-1-1                                                                   Goff 22/47-288-0-2

Rawls 8/20, Lacy 9/19                                                                         Gurley 14/43

WR Baldwin 4/37                                                                                Higbee 4/98

TD Graham                                                                                          Austin

What could have been for the Rams had Greg the leg not missed a FG for the first time this season or Kupp hadn’t dropped a game winning pass late on. Instead the legion of boom out played Wade Phillips Defence and forced two picks from Goff. Wilson was on the run all day but did just enough (as great players tend to) picking out Jimmy Graham for the big score. TE for the Rams Tyler Higbee had a great game, keep an eye on him as Goff spreads the ball around a lot.

Ravens @ Raiders 30-17

QB Flacco 19/26-222-0-0                                                                    Manuel 13/26-159-1-0

RB Allen 21/73-1                                                                                 Lynch 12/43-1

WR Wallace 3/133                                                                              Crabtree 6/82-1

TD Allen, Mayle, Smith (Fumble Rec)

Where has Amari Cooper gone? 1 catch on the day and it was barely worth noting. Michael Crabtree continues to be the no.1 WR on the Raiders and even without Carr he looked great, pulling in 82 yards and a TD from backup QB Manuel. On the day however the Ravens D played properly and Joe Flacco finally hooked up the cannon-throws to Mike Wallace which have served the team well in the past. Things look up for the Ravens, the Silver and black need Carr fit to be competitive.

Packers @ Cowboys 35-31

QB Rodgers 19/29-221-3-0                                                                 Prescott 25/36-251-3-1

RB Jones 19/125-1                                                                              Elliott 29/116

WR Adams 7/66-2                                                                               Witten 8/61

TD Adams 2, Nelson 1, Jones 1                                               Beasley 2, Bryant, Prescott

With just 1.02 on the clock Aaron Rodgers marches downfield and completes the game winner to Devante Adams as if no one was watching. Brilliant again. In the Packers backfield Jones looks to be a “proper” running back capable of really ploughing through the opposition. The Cowboys played well and didn’t deserve to lose, they just didn’t have Rodgers on their team. Sometimes that can be all it takes.

Chiefs @ Texans 42-34

QB Smith29/37-324-3-0                                                                      Watson 16/31-261-5-0

RB Hunt 29/107                                                                                  Miller 15/74

WR Kelce 8/98                                                                                    Anderson 2/63

TD West 2, Thomas                                                                             Hopkins 3, Fuller 2

Alex Smith, zero INTs through 5 games, 19-4 last 21 games, look calm and in control again, this game was never as close as the final score suggests. Opposing him, Watson is now the best rookie QB through 5 games that the NFL has ever had in terms of TD passes (12). Unfortunately for the Texans JJ Watt is set to miss the rest of the season (again) meaning they’ll need to offense to perform like this every week. The only downside to this win for Kansas City was the Travis Kelce concussion which looked a bad one.

Vikings @ Bears 20-17

QB Keenum 17/21 140-1-0                                                                 Trubisky 12/25-128-1-1

RB McKinnon  16/95-1                                                                        Howard 19/76

WR McKinnon 6/51, Rudolph 6/45-1                                                  Wright 4/46

TD McKinnon, Rudolph                                                                       Cunningham, Miller

The verdict on the Mitch Trubisky debut…ok…he was ok. The stat line isn’t great but he has no one to throw too. He did at least get outside the pocket and make some plays which is what has been so desperately lacking up to this point. Sam Bradford was pulled in 1st qtr with reoccurrence of his knee issue meaning Case Keenum returned to action swiftly and didn’t just enough to guide the Vikes to the win. The loss of Dalvin Cook last week wasn’t felt here but against better teams I think it’ll show up far more.


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