Week 6 predictions

Once again I tripped up on my TNF prediction, lets hope for better from the sunday/monday games.

Dolphins @ Falcons (2-2 v 3-1)

Give me a reason to pick the ‘fins…anyone..? No? Thought so. Without a single statistical lead across the major categories and playing away from home against an offense that outgains them by around 150yards per game, with the added headache of the clamour for change at QB, I have doubts that Miami even competes in this matchup.  Give me the Falcons in a blowout 10-27, also, give me Matt Moore.

Bears@ Ravens (1-4 v 3-2)

I liked what I saw out of Trubisky and im sure he’ll turn into a worthwhile starter in the league, but this is not the matchup you want for your rookie QB. Flacco seems to be finding some rhythm at last and Mike Wallace is finding room in the open which makes this duo dangerous. The Bears are -9 on turnovers facing the team ranked 8th overall in that area. (+3) On the day this one only goes one way, 9-21 Ravens.

Browns @ Texans (0-5 v 2-3)

I want to predict a Browns win as Ive been calling for the Kevin Hogan change convinced that he’s the best “win now” option on the roster. However, Despite not facing Watt and Mercilus they still have to overcome the NFLs best ever scoring Rookie in DuShaun Watson. I say Cleveland pushes hard but ultimately comes up short again. 14-17. Heartbreaker.

Packers @ Vikings (4-1 v 3-2)

In his previous 7 starts in Minnesota Aaron Rodgers has 18TDs to 1INT. That’s impressive right? Rodgers also has 6 4th qtr TDs this season already so even if the Vikes D keep this close you have to figure A-Rod has their number. Bradford looks to be out so it’s the Case Keenum show again. Unfortunately, Stephon Diggs will also be missing so that’s one less weapon for the Green Bay D to worry about. In the end the best QB in football grinds out the victory 24-17

Lions @ Saints (3-2 v 2-2)

Is Stafford fully fit? If he is then watchout as he has 5TDs and no picks in wins over the Saints in the last two years. Never discount the Bress-led Offense of the Saints as they have rolled well in the last 2 games and now without Peterson clouding the backfield we’ll get the best of Ingram and Kamara. Shootout game, 31-27 to the Lions but really could go either way.

Patriots @ Jets (3-2 v 3-2)

I so want to pick this as an upset win, but will it really be an upset. Two 3-2 teams that like to take chunks out of each other, if the Pats aren’t fully on their game (ie better than last week) then they’ll come up short against a team scrapping to prove everyone wrong. That said, with 10 days to prepare for this matchup I have to hand the game to Belichicks boys as they rarely fail when there is so much preparation time. It’ll be close, 24-20.

49ers @ Redskins (0-5 v 2-2)

Kirk Cousins against his potential future employers? My bet is he turns it on here to prove a point.  A “Come get me” Plea if you like. Shame for the 9ers if he does as the Redskins will overpower them if he does. Hoyer cant keep up with a decent offense and the team lost one of its defensive leaders with Bowman jettisoned so expect a bit of a one sided game here. Up to this point the ‘sins haven’t faced an opponent with a losing record, now that they do they’ll exploit it. 16-34.

Buccs @ Cardinals (2-2 v 2-3)

Provided the Buccs defensive front 7 continues to generate pressure like they did v Brady and co last week then I only see Tampa notching the win here. Palmer is ineffective without time to find receivers (he’s been sacked 19 times already) and the run game is dead last in the NFL. Peterson wont have absorbed enough of the playbook to make any difference even if there is gas in the tank. Can the Buccs newest kicker shake ther Tampa Bay curse? Well, Murray cant be worse than the last two. Buccs win, 20-16.

Rams @ Jags (3-2 v 3-2)

Hands up who thought both of these teams would have winning records after 5 games? No, not me either. The Rams still lead the NFL in total offense but the Jags lead the way in rushing yards per game. In as close game the deciding factor could be which team generates more turnovers and for me despite 2 last week Goff looks the safer QB. If the Rams bottle up Fournette then this game ends 20-13 in their favour.

Steelers @ Chiefs (3-2 v 5-0)

Surely the Chiefs march on, in a tight game where Big Ben tries to right the wrongs of last week he will turn the ball over again and the trend of the Steelers allowing more 4th qtr points than they score this season will continue. The soon to be 6-0 Chiefs steal the show late on, final score 24-30.

Chargers @ Raiders (1-4 v 2-3)

3 straight losses have set the Raiders playoff plans back a little and they look to be bringing Derek Carr back as early as possible to right the ship. He, however, is not the key here. Marshawn Lynch needs a great game for the Raiders to win, the Chargers have the worst ranked rush D in the league so far so if Lynch can power through then Carr being at less than 100% is less of an issue. Close game, Raiders win at home, 21-27.

Giants @ Broncos (0-5 v 3-1) Sure Fire Selection.

Coming off of a bye week and being fresh against an opponent with virtually no fit receivers, a poor committee in the backfield and an aging QB with accuracy issues should give the Broncos all the edge they need to heap further misery upon the Giants. In the last 2 games sans-Beckham the Giants were outscored 68-20, whilst the Broncos are 11-3 coming off the Bye in the last 14 seasons. Jeez, good luck New York. 6-24.

Colts @ Titans (2-3 v 2-3) Upset Alert (Sort of)

For these teams to be level pegging after 5 games didn’t seem likely once we knew Luck was out for the start of the season, but credit where its due the move for Brissett and the emergence of Marlon Mack to compliment Gore have worked well enough. Mariota looks to be back this week which, against the worst passing D in the league, is crucial to any thoughts of success. If he plays then there is a lot more to worry about as a defender than just Murray rushing or Matthews catching the ball. The Colts own an 11 game win streak against the Titans but many say that surely ends if Mariota plays…However I love an upset and this would still just about qualify so im picking the Colts 21-20. More fool me.




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