Week 6 results at a TNF prediction

Well, week 6 was a stunner…take a quick look at the results…

Eagles @ Panthers 28-23

QB: Wentz 16/30-222-3-0                                                       Newton 28/52-239-1-3

RB: Blount 14/67                                                                     Newton 11/71, McCaffrey 4/8

WR: Jeffrey 4/71, Agholor 4/55-1                                           Benjamin9/99,McCaffrey10/56-1

TD: Agholor, Ertz 2                                                                  McCaffrey

No run game for the Panthers forces Newton to throw, he’s picked 3 times

Panthers had just 1 penalty against them for 1 yard

Dolphin @ Falcons 20-17

QB: Cutler 19/33-151-2-1                                                       Ryan 24/35-248-1-1

RB Ajayi 26/130                                                                       Freeman 9/68

WR: Landry 8/62-1                                                                  Jones 6/72

TD: Landry, Stills                                                                     Coleman, Hall

Marvin Hall scores after joining from the Practice squad, Falcons led 17-0 at ht.

Matt Ryan has been intercepted in each game so far, 6 so far, had just 7 during last season

Bears @ Ravens 27-24 OT

QB Trubisky 8/16-113-1-0                                                       Flacco 24/41-180-0-2

RB: Howard 36/167                                                                 Collins 15/74

WR: Sims 2/42-1                                                                     Moore 3/44

TD Miller, Sims                                                                        Campanero (PR) Rainey (KR)

No offensive TDs for Ravens

Most rushing yards surrendered by Ravens since 1996 (first year)…231yards

Cohen throws TD pass to Miller, second special teams TD pass in as many weeks

Browns @ Texans 17-33

QB: Hogan 20/37-140-1-3                                                                   Watson 17/29-225-3-1

RBCrowell 12/58                                                                                 Foreman 12/59

WR: Williams 4/41                                                                              Fuller 2/62-1

TD: DeValve, McCourtney (Pick6)                                           Fuller, Hopkins, Miller, Joseph (pick6)

Ok so Hogan wasn’t the answer

Watson tied rookie TDs through 6 games with 15 (Rypien and Warner ) Osweiler had 15Tds last season for the Texans

Browns could’ve Taken Watson in the draft…fail.

Packers @ Vikings (10-23)

QB Rodgers  2/4-18, Hundley 18/33-157-1-3                                     Keenum 24/38-239-1-1

RB Jones 13/41                                                                                   McKinnon 16/69-1

WR Nelson 6/60, Adams 5/54-1                                                         Thielen 9/97

TD Adams                                                                                            McKinnon 2

Rodgers fucked with broken Collarbone…late hit??

Hundley picked off three times on season debut in relief.

Harrison smith 2 INTs in 2 games for Vikes, Bridgewater set to return to practice

Lions @ Saints 38-52

QB Stafford 25/52-312-3-3                                                                 Brees 21/31-186-2-2

RB Abdullah 14/54                                                                              Ingram 25/114-2

WR Jones 6/96-1                                                                                 Ginn 4/66-1

TD Jones, Tate, Fells, Agnew (PR), Robinson (Pick6)                          Ingram 2, Hooooomanuwi, Ginn, Jordan (Pick6), Lattinmore (P6),Vaccaro (FR)

Stafford turns ball over 5 times

12 Balls batted at L.O.S by Saints D

Lions trailed 45-10 in 3rd Q-Came back to 45-38 before late pick.

Patriots @ Jets 24-17

QB Brady 20/38-257-2-1                                                                     McCown 31/47-354-2-2

RB Lewis 11/52-1                                                                            Forte 9/22,McGuire 10/22

WR Cooks 6/93, Gronk 6/83-2                                                     Kearse 4/79, Anderson 4/76

TD Lewis, Gronk 2                                                                               Kerley, Seferian-J

TD overturned in favour of pats-poor decsion

Pats give up 300+ yards to opposing QB again (6/6)

Jets held a 14pt lead over pats for first time since 2008

49ers @ Redskins 24-26

QB Beathard 19/36-245-1-1, Hoyer 4/11-34                                      Cousins 25/37-330-2-1

RB Hyde 13/28-2                                                                                 Thompson 16/33

WR Robinson 2/66-1                                                                   Thompson 4/104, Davis 3/65

TD Hyde 2, Robinson                                                                           Cousins, Perine,    Doctson

49ers lose by 3 or less again ( 5 in a row)

Beathard plays after Hoyer pulled from game

Gould missed FG (47yards) cost 9ers win.

Buccs @ Cards 33-38

QB Fitzmagic 22/32-290-3-2                                                               Palmer 18/22-283-3-1

RB Martin 14/53-1                                                                              PETERSON 26-134-2

WR Evans 3/95-1                                                                                 Fitzgerald 10/138-1

TD Evans, Brate, Jackson, Martin                                           Fitz, Brown, Niklas, Peterson 2

Winston injured early, Fitzmagic comes in

Worst rushing attack in NFL reborn with Peterson, Palmer completes first 14 throws

Rams @ Jags 27-17

QB Goff 11/21-124-1-0                                                                       Bortles 23/35-241-1-1

RB Gurley 23/116                                                                                Fournette 21/130-1

WR Woods 5/70                                                                                  Lee 5/83, Ivory 9/74

TD Everett, Cooper (KR), Brown(BP)                                                   Fournette, Ivory

Cooper scores on opening KO, Fournette on Jags opening drive-11secs between

Myers misses two FGs for Jags-will be replaced by Lambo-had missed 4/15 this season

Steelers @ Chiefs 19-13

QB Roethlisberger 17/25-252-1-1                                                      Smith 19/34-246-1

RB Bell 32/179-1                                                                                 Hunt 9/21

WR Brown 8/155-1                                                                             Hunt 5/89

TD Bell, Brown                                                                                    Thomas

Chiefs finally lose, only 12 first downs to Steelers 23 and 28rush yards to 194

Harrison sacks smith forcing 4th an 18 and setting up the win

4Mins in to the 3rd qtr Chiefs had 25 yards total offense

Chargers @ Raiders 17-16

QB Rivers 25/36-268-1-0                                                                    Carr21/30-171-1-2

RB Gordon 25/83-1                                                                             Lynch 13/63

WR Henry 5/90, Gordon 9/67-1                                                         Crabtree 6/52-1

TD Gordon 2                                                                                        Crabtree, Patterson

13th Nov 2014 last time the Chargers won a 1 point game (V Ravens)

Cooper still struggling, 28 yards 5/6 catches

Giants @ Broncos 23-10

QB Manning 11/19-128-1-0                                                                Siemian 29/50-376-1-2

RB Darkwa 21/117                                                                  Charles 5/19, Anderson 9/17

WR Engram 5/82-1                                                                             Thomas 10/133

TD Engram, Jenkins (P6)                                                                     Heureman,

McAdoo hand play calling to to O.C and look what happens!

Pierre-Paul manages 3 sacks, Jenkins 2 picks

Finally a giants running game means Eli doesn’t have to throw so much

Colts @ Titans 22-36

QB Brissett21/37-212-1                                                                      Mariota 23/32-306-1-1

RB Gore 10/49                                                                                    Henry 19/131-1

WR Moncrief 5/67                                                                              Decker 7/88

TD Doyle, Simon (P6)                                                                          Henry, Murray, Taylor

Ryan Succop extends record of FGs over 40-50 yards to 49, Bryant held previous record (46)

Henry returns to action with 131 yards as Mariota and Murray struggle running

So in summary, the Giants have finally notched a win, and without their main weapons too. The Packers season rests on the shoulders of a 3rd year QB with virtually no experience, can he do a Jimmy G and keep the ship afloat for long enough for Rodgers to return? No, probably not. The Raiders have now lost 4 in a row and look to be struggling offensively, they’re only averaging 21 points against the D every week but Carr isn’t in synch with anyone but Crabtree. The 49ers have a new QB, he may be ginger but he must be better than the other guy right…? Right. The Patriots are the luckiest team in football. When all is said and done Adrian Peterson is awesome. Long live A.P.


To start off week 7 we have the Chiefs (5-1) travelling to Oakland (2-4). This game likely come down to the run, and there is only one winner there. Despite the home crow I say the Raiders lose by a narrow margin, give me the Kansas recovery after last week’s stumble. Chiefs 27, Raiders 24.

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