With the first selection in the 2018 draft the Browns take….

Piece by Jim Green:-

Mid-Season draft needs


Yes I know we’re only just through the first half of the season, though if you include playoffs we’re not even that far.  And yes, I know that the draft order is far away from being set.  What I have looked at though is, following the trade deadline passing, what needs do each of the NFL teams have in their current draft order for the first round.  I’m not going to suggest names of college athletes who could fill those roles as a) I don’t get to watch as much college football as I’d like b) the college season is far from over and we don’t know who will turn good, who will maintain form and who will turn bad and c) the college football season far from over and we don’t know who will get injured!


So here goes.  Please feel free of course to comment and agree/disagree with my thoughts and if you’re in the know – throw in a few names to consider from the college game and enlighten us all here at BBW!


Browns – it’s easier to identify positions they don’t need help at!  Pass rush is probably one with Garrett to come back and Ryan Nassib seemingly being better than average.  Where to start?  Probably QB with what is meant to be a good class of QBs coming out this year.  If they don’t then look to them to go O-Line or RB though both might be rich at No.1 (should they stay there).  They’ll probably just trade down and get more picks!


49ers – following the trade for Garoppolo they’ll either sign him to a long term deal or franchise him so QB is now done.  Now they need to protect him so in my opinion should look at whoever is the best O-Line prospect here.


Giants – Eli isn’t getting any younger and as I’ve said, this could be a good QB class so they could go there.  If they don’t then, like the 49ers they have to address their O-Line


Colts – if Luck stays (trades have been rumoured) then they too need to protect him so the Colts are another one for the O-Line sweepstake!  Defensive back or linebacker positions also need bolstering


Buccaneers – it’s been said though the first half the year that this team on paper is better than the team that gets to the field which makes this exercise difficult!  A DB to play along Hargreaves could be an option.  Help at MLB another, or else bolstering the O-Line.  They may just pick whoever the best player is at this position


Jets – Much easier than the Bucs this one.  QB.  They have other needs of course but let’s find something for them to build around


Raiders –Running back is probably the best option here – no offence to Marshawn Lynch, but imagine a Zeke like talent playing on this team with Carr.  Scary stuff.


Chargers – Could go QB here if there are any left deemed worthy enough to replace an aging Rivers.  Failing that, protect the aging Rivers with an offensive line upgrade


Bengals – lost some O-Line talent in the last pre-season so could do with quality reinforcements there.  The defensive backfield could also use a talent to bolster the Bengals pass defence


Broncos – did anyone watch on Monday?  Trevor Siemian spent the day running away from Chiefs defenders and throwing interceptions after being harried.  O-Line all day.


Browns – after missing up on DeShaun Watson the Browns come back and have this pick from the Texans.  If they get their QB at the top then take O-Line, RB or WR to help them here.  If they don’t then for the love of god take a QB!


Lions – Stafford has some weapons but no ample replacement for Megatron!  So far there hasn’t been high demand for WR so they could come in and pick off the best WR prospect here.


Redskins – They took a punt on some WRs last year and it hasn’t yet come off so that’s an option.  If Cousins does not sign a contract the they too could be in the hunt for a new signal caller


Ravens – The injury this year to Marshal Yanda has exposed the O-Line so they too could go there.  Their WR corps also looks weak so they could also get in to that fight.


Cowboys – a top quality WR to play opposite Dez Bryant would make this team very useful.  Jason Witten isn’t getting any younger so a replacement could be due at TE.  Lastly, and maybe more importantly the defence could use help everywhere but we all know Jerry Jones likes a splashy pick in round one!


Titans – failed to deliver on promise this year so far.   Team still looks strong though – help at middle linebacker would be good.  If they could find a Luke Kuechly equivalent then just imagine the smile on Dick LeBeau’s face


Falcons – Desmond Trufant is decent but another DB to play alongside him would be my first request if I were Dan Quinn.


Packers – ok so he came out of the pocket when he got injured but before that, the O-Line was a shuffle of replacements.  Martellus Bennett has hinted at retirement at the end of the year so tight end another option.  As is the whole defence.


Dolphins – well they need a RB now!  O-Line has looked leaky.  I’m presuming Tannehill comes back to QB in 2018 here as Cutler and Moore aren’t long term answers.  Defensive back field could also need help


Jaguars – QB.  That is all.


Panthers – Jonathan Stewart is too old and Chris McCaffrey apparently is a receiver now so RB is a need here.  O-Line as well.


Seahawks – They got a new tackle in Duane Brown from the Texans but further O-Line help could be on the cards to help Wilson.  They’ve also gone through a catalogue of RBs and none have done a job so that’s also an option.


Rams – Looking good all over the field.  TE could use some quality if they fail to cement Sammy Watkins to a long term contract.


Bills – First of two picks following the trade with the Chiefs last year.  If they’re STILL not sold on Tyrod Taylor they could package up their two first round picks and go up higher to pick a QB up high in the draft.  Pass rush could also use some help but it’s not a dire need.


Saints – like the Giants and Chargers, they could do with a ready made replacement for their aging QB, if there’s one still available at this spot.  I’ve said O-Line a lot (for the record I’m a fan of having a deep O-Line bench!) so how about a WR to play opposite Thomas?  Or else a MLB to boss this improving defence.


Vikings – Am making a presumption that either Bridgewater or Bradford is under centre for 2018.  With that, O-line (again, sorry!) to protect them better or another weapon for the QB to throw to


Steelers – more aging QB issues so that’s a consideration.  JuJu looks a decent bet at WR though it’s early doors on that, if Bryant stops throwing his toys out of the pram then he should come back.  The defence looks good as well.  Could generally just pick the best talent at this spot


Patriots – Like the O-Line, I’ve mentioned aging QBs a lot so I’ll go elsewhere with this pick.  Pass rush.  Something lacking in this department now for the Pats.


Bills – their second pick in the top round and if not packaged to move up then look at DB or pass rush


Eagles – Jason Peters injury is a concern and I remain sceptical about a comeback at his age.  Though he was having a great year.  Tackle replacement here is necessary.  If Jeffrey doesn’t sign on long term then WR is another option.

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