The case for trading OBJ

One of the biggest stories coming out of the annual owners meeting in Orlando this week wasn’t the revised catch rule, it was the rumour that the New York Giants were open to trading Odell Beckham Jr.  I listened earlier this week to Peter King’s interview with new Giants coach Pat Shurmur who, quite rightly, was keen to keep and work with Beckham now he’s in charge of the Giants. I for one would side with him and I don’t really see them doing it but if they were, I could see why.  And here’s why.

Discipline & Attitude

There’s no one big misnomer that Beckham has committed that would warrant the Giants trading him.  But there are a lot of little small indiscretions that don’t flatter him, and I can imagine make it quite annoying to manage him.  In a way, one big discretion would be easier to manage and have less impact on the dressing room.  Continual little niggles like his battles with Josh Norman, his hate/love affair with the kicking net, a video of him with suspect white powder and now his refusal to play without a long-term contract make it a difficult situation to manage.

All that leads to question marks over his attitude to playing in New York. Does he really want to be there?  It makes you think.  After ‘that’ video hit the internet earlier this year, I would have suspected a player who wanted to show a mature side to knuckle down, stay quiet and impress his new management team.  He’s done the exact opposite in holding out for a new contract.

The new management team

The Giants cleared the deck during and after a pretty horrible season. Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo have both left and experienced GM Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have taken over the reins.  Gettleman has showed in the past that he has little time for prima donnas (see Josh Norman’s contract negotiations in Carolina) and whilst he’s come out and said “you don’t quit on talent” his track record says something else.

They are both there to rebuild the Giants in to the great franchise that they once were.  This is harder to do when a big voice in the dressing room isn’t on the same hymn sheet.  Clearing that voice out, saving the potential cap spend needed on him and bringing in further talent that might not be disruptive could be enticing.

What you could get for him

The wide receiver quality in this year’s draft is nowhere near as high as it has been in more recent years.  Beckham is a generational talent and the Giants could command two first round picks for him in a trade.  The rumour has been that the Rams have been enquiring about the trade and would be willing to give up the asking price which would give the Giants two first round picks this year and next.  That’s a pretty good place to start a rebuilding process.

Then imagine if the Giants traded out of the number two pick this year with the Bills?  The Bills would likely need to give up their two first round picks this year and maybe one next year.  That would be a serious haul for the Giants!  On the flip side, if the Giants did stay at No.2 in the draft and paired Saquon Barkley with OBJ that would be some offence.

Anyway, back to the topic!  Whilst there’s not much of a cap saving to be made seeing as Beckham is on his rookie contract, it would mean not having to pay him circa $20m per year over the next few years.

Will they trade OBJ?  Probably not.  As I’ve said, he’s too good to consider letting walk out of the building.  I would like to see Shurmur take him under his wing and build the offence around him, returning him to the greatness we’ve come to expect

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