101 (ish) Questions-Q9: Will the Broncos pass rush be as good as it looks?

Only a few years ago, the Denver Broncos were famed for their defence, led by veteran defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and superstar pass rusher Von Miller.  At its height when winning Superbowl 50, the team also boasted luminaries such as DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and Malik Jackson.  Those three are now all gone along with linebacker Danny Trevathan, safety TJ Ward and nose tackle Sylvester Williams.  Even Wade has departed to build a nasty defence with the LA Rams

Last year wasn’t a great one for Denver but their performance did allow them a top ten pick and with the Browns surprising many by selecting cornerback Denzel Ward they were able to pick up the premier pass rusher in the draft, Bradley Chubb.  Chubb has been likened to a younger Kalhil Mack so pairing him up with Von Miller and the improving Shane Ray could make for a devastating pass rush.

Have a look at the below and tell me you’re not excited to see what Chubb can do in the NFL:

The Broncos need the pass rush to be quick to make up for the loss of pro bowl cornerback Talib who was traded to the Rams.  Giving the opposing QBs even less time to pass will benefit the pass coverage defenders who won’t have to lock up receivers for quite as long.

Looking at the video above and other clips I’ve seen I do think he’s going to be a great addition to the Denver team and I am looking forward to seeing what damage him and Miller could do.  When you look at the rest of the AFC West there’s not an amazing amount of talent within the offensive lines.  Oakland’s probably top the bill and that’s not really saying much.

Kansas look set to utilise a game plan whereby Pat Mahomes can utilise his big arm and throw the ball deep down the field – but will the receivers have enough time to get upfield?  Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest so there’s a good chance he might, but with the relative inexperience of Mahomes, it’s asking a lot for him to continuously dodge Miller and Chubb.

Many are hyping the chances of the Chargers this year and certainly on paper they look to have a good team.  The O-Line is maybe the weakest unit on the team though and that doesn’t bode well for the aging Phillip Rivers.  Rivers has also lost his number one tight end, Hunter Henry, to injury for the season.  He’ll have to rely on second year receiver Mike Williams going across the middle to replicate those shorter drag and crossing routes.

As I said, Oakland have probably got the best O-Line within the division and new head coach Gruden will be keen to protect his prized asset in Derek Carr.  The concern here is the lack of running game that they have.  Marshawn Lynch was great, but is he still?  This could put a lot of pressure on the passing game which again, would increase the amount of chances that the Denver team have to get to Carr.

Yes, this pass rush is going to be good.  Stats wise I could see both Miller and Chubb getting into double figures for sacks, should they both stay healthy.

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