101 (ish) questions, Q46-48, The Washington Redskins

I don’t get it.  I’ve listened to a good few commentators whose opinion I respect and they all like the look of the Redskins.  I just can’t see it but let’s have a look anyway


Reasons to be cheerful?

The O-Line is one of the best in the league.  It suffered with injuries last year but if that subsides in 2018 then it bodes well.  There’s a new quarterback in town following the trade for Alex Smith who takes over from the departed Kirk Cousins.  It’s not an upgrade at quarterback but it’s not the worst.  He doesn’t turn the ball over so that’s great.

There’s a lot of hype about Paul Richardson joining the wide receiver corps.  He had some good games in Seattle, but he is not a number one receiver.  He’s probably not a number two either but the Redskins might get two or three good games out of him.  I do expect to see an increase in production from Josh Doctson.  He ended last year with some good games and for the sake of the Redskins fans I hope he does.  For one season, I would love to see Jordan Reed stay fit.  If he does then he has a quarterback who has a long history of making tight ends look really good.

I also like the defensive line.  Pairing the two former Alabama defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and rookie Da’Ron Payner will be good to watch.  Not for opposing running backs though.


Reasons to be fearful?

There was a lot of hope about the running game when the Redskins drafted Derrius Guice.  That hope went down the shitter when he tore his ACL.  So welcome back to the league Adrien Peterson.  I would love to say that it’s the same Peterson that played for the Vikings, but I struggle to see him returning to that sort of form.  Smith needs a good running game to be decent, he’s always had it whether it was Frank Gore, Jamal Charles or Kareem Hunt.

As part of the trade for Alex Smith the Redskins sent Kendall Fuller to the Chiefs.  That leaves Josh Norman as the only cornerback of any worth in the backfield.  True, the defensive line looks good but if the opposing wide receivers are open quickly then Allen and Payne will need to be quicker than The Flash to get to the quarterbacks.


How does the season shape up?

The Redskins share a division with the Superbowl champion Eagles, an improving Giants team and the Cowboys.  That’s not an easy slate.  And like I said, I don’t rate them but happy to see them prove me wrong.

Floor 3-13

Ceiling 9-7

Playoffs? Can’t see it.  Be tough to get in a position within the division and the NFC is stacked.  Getting a wildcard will be very hard for this team


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