101 (ish) Questions, 82-84 Minnesota Vikings

All that money thrown at Kirk Cousins. All that talent in the team. Surely the Vikes are Going all the way?


Reasons to be cheerful?

The Vikings got their man in the off season, signing Kirk Cousins from Washington to replace Case Keenum at QB. Cousins has been a top 6 QB over the last 2 years despite the Redskins underperforming on the field. With all the talent now surrounding him Cousins has to go out there and show what he can do. Expect big plays directed towards Diggs and Thielen down the field and a slew of TD passes directed toward TE Kyle Rudolph.

Speaking of Rudolph, he has 20 TDs in the last three years with Keenum , Bridgewater and Bradford under centre. If Cousins is worth all that cash I’d expect even more in terms of Redzone production from Rudolph.

The return from injury of Dalvin Cook at RB. He led the league in rushing until he was injured in week 7 last year. Expect him to try and prove that he is an Elite RB and can handle duties on all 3 downs, Think Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara, that’s the sort of volume and payoff we should see in 16 games from Cook.

The defense is still crammed with talent players. Eversen Griffin, Linval Joseph and Sheldon Richardson make a fearsome front line with Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes covering opposing receivers at cornerback. This unit gave up the fewest points last season and they should be close to that scenario again.


Reasons to be fearful?

Wow, there aren’t many. 13-3 last year for the team may be difficult to replicate, but the fans shouldn’t consider an 11-5 or 12-4 season to be a slip, that’s just the luck of the draw in some matchups. If the team feels pressure to beat its previous record because of the Cousins/Cook link up then they may make some bad decisions in tight games…

Terrence Newman retired in the off-season, it is possible that the D takes a little time to adjust to the loss of on-field leadership that he provided.


How does the season shape up?

They may not win the Super Bowl but they are certainly giving it a shot.

Floor 10-6

Ceiling 14-2

Playoffs? Its not quite Super Bowl or bust, but nearly. The NFC title game is well within reach.


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