101 (ish) Questions, 88-90, New York Giants

3-13 was a worst ever season for the New York Giants. They’ve replaced the Coach, got themselves a running game and buckled Eli back into the driving seat, so…


Reasons to be cheerful?

Saquon Barkley, Saquon Barkley, Saquon Barkley. The Giants need a running game like I need oxygen, and in Barkley they have a three down back who runs hard and breaks tackles with ease. Yes he’s a rookie, but rookies led the league in rushing the last two years (Zeke and Hunt) so why not aim for three in a row.

Odell Beckham Jr signed his extension and committed his future to NYG. If he stays healthy and puts up OBJ-esque numbers the the Giants have to feel good about their chances. Beckham put up 10+ scores in each of his first 3 seasons and had 3 last year over the 4 games he actually played before injury struck.

Nate Solder moving from N.E to N.Y is huge. The O-Line was a revolving door last year and Eli rarely go set to make throws. If he gets time to plant his feet he should be able to find Beckham, Stirling, and Engram downfield with more accuracy.

The Alec Ogletree Signing (from the Rams) makes the Defense a viable threat, especially when Olivier recovers from an ankle injury by week 3-4


Reasons to be fearful?

6 games versus The Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins is a good place to start… more than 2 wins in the division will be a great result for a rebuilding Giants team

Starting off against Jacksonville is going to be a tricky trip, then going to Dallas and Houston followed by hosting New Orleans, the Giants could be 0-4 before they blink. The fixture list eases a little after that but still, brutal.

Wide Receivers crumbled around Eli last year, and they look very thin at the position this year too. Beyond OBJ and Stirling Shepherd they have Cody Latimer and Russell Sheperd (no relation) and precious little else. If injuries strike here the the Giants best hope Dez is still available on the F.A market.

Eli Apple is an awful Cornerback, watch him give up big plays with lazy indiscipline every week…


How does the season shape up?

Its going to be tough, but it’ll be a lot better than last year. Barkley will destroy a handful of weaker teams on his way to 1000 yards and Eli will stave off competition from the younger QBs on the roster by being just efficient enough

Floor 4-12

Ceiling 8-8

Playoffs? No, but they may effect the playoffs by snatching unexpected wins against that they wouldn’t have been able to compete with last year.

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