Fantasy Round Up: Week 1

Piece by Johnny Thrash

Star Performer of the Week

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Projected – 13.95             Actual – 42.28

It had to be Fitzmagic didn’t it. One could make a strong case for James Conner, coming in as a replacement for Le’Veon Bell and maybe taking a couple of weeks off Le’Veon’s contract stand-off, until a lost fumble let Cleveland back in. Where did this performance from the bearded wonder come from?  Five Touchdowns, two over 50 yards, it’s not that Fitzpatrick doesn’t have this in him, it’s just that anybody who told you they would expect this is very much lying. Only the biggest of leagues, or the family of Fitzpatrick, would’ve started him this week.

Jameis Winston has been the number one for the last three years in Tampa Bay, but questions about whether he should return will be asked if Fitzpatrick is even just half this productive over the next two weeks. As the Philadelphia Eagles turn up to Tampa next weekend, the chances of a repeat are slim I would suggest, so if you picked him, then quit whilst you are ahead, and please let us know the lottery numbers

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Strong mentions

Alvin Kamara (34.10), Tyreek Hill (29.30), James Conner (29.20), Patrick Mahomes (28.34), DeSean Jackson (26.60) New York Jets defence (26.00)

Rookie Watch

Saquon Barkley scored 18.80 in a strong showing for the Giants, despite a loss. He rattled off possibly the strongest defence in the division, and hopes for a showing against a Cowboys defence that didn’t look anywhere near as impressive are high.

Running Back, Phillip Lindsay at Denver (16.20), also had a strong game, with the undrafted rookie also getting involved in the passing game, taking him above Royce Freeman in terms of Fantasy Points for the team.

Dante Pettis for San Francisco was brought in to replace Marquise Goodwin and brought in 12.10 points, 61 yards and a TD and showed off a good connection with Jimmy Garoppolo.

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Who is Will Dissly? The Rookie Tight End (16.50) for Seattle brought in a heap load of points, as Russell Wilson kept targeting the 4th round draft pick. He looked decent, and will be worth a look if he keeps up this level of production over the next week or so. He has big shoes to fill, replacing Jimmy Graham.

Sam Darnold looked good, although not an amazing haul for Fantasy owners (we don’t want to go into the differences between real life and NFL Fantasy do we?). He was still higher than established acts like Stafford, Carr and Big Ben, whilst Watson was much fancied, all had turnover issues. Of the other QB rookies, Josh Allen came in to losing situation and did vaguely better than Peterman. Lamar Jackson just handed the ball off to finish the game off, whilst we didn’t see Baker or Rosen. Other high hopes such as Calvin Ridley, DJ Moore and Dallas Goedert didn’t really get involved. Still very early in the season for these guys though.

 Perfect Line Up

QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick (42.28)

RB1 – Alvin Kamara (34.10)

RB2 – James Conner (29.20)

WR1 – Tyreek Hill (29.30)

WR2 – DeSean Jackson (26.60)

TE – Will Dissly (16.50)

FLEX WR/RB – Kenny Stills (22.60)

K – Brandon McManus (13.00)

DEF – New York Jets (26.00)                                         Total 239.58

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