Week 1 has been dissected, analysised, and chewed over by far brighter minds than mine, and i have taken in as many opinions as its possible to do so during my ludicrous working-hours in order to distil 32 conclusions that should be drawn from the mayhem of the last week.


  1. The Falcons have to utilise their run-game if they are to rediscover success. 74 rushing yards on only 18 attempts just wont get it done, especially when a defense knows youre going to force-feed the ball to Julio Jones. Freeman and Coleman are about the best RB duo in the league, the team MUST lean on them more often.
  2. The Cardinals totalled 213 yards on offense and just 1 3rd-down conversion, leading to calls for Sam Bradford to be replaced by Josh Rosen already… Um, hang-on guys, did you notice that the Redskins hung 429 yards on the Cards?! The defense stinks. The loss of Honey Badger has emphasised just how bad things have become. A change at QB wont stop downfield passes in the middle of the field will it?
  3. The Ravens discovered how to make Flacco good again…give him a trio of wide receivers who are actually worthy of a place in the NFL. Its nearly 4 years since Joe tossed three scores to 3 different WRs! Balancing an excellent Defensive unit with a better than competent offense should bring nothing but success.
  4. The Bills have found out the hard way what happens if you get it wrong at the leagues most important position. Poor Nate Peterman, he’s just a sacrificial lamb. Sean McDermott said after the game that he’d have to review the film before deciding who to name as starting QB for week 2, can’t have taken long! Josh Allen will start under centre apparently. I expct he’ll be hauled off at half time after throwing three picks… perhaps McDermott himself will step up and play seeing as he is apparently the only one who knows whats going on. Idiot.
  5. The Panthers lead rusher was Cam Newton. Love him or loath him he’s a special talent. I suspect i’ll be copying and pasting this line most weeks…
  6. The Bears fans got to see what their team traded for. Khalil Mack is a destroyer of O-Lines, you’d have to be raving mad to trade him away.
  7. Bengals running back Joe Mixon means business. 149 total yards and a score showed everyone just how good he can be. His performance took pressure off of Dalton who always plays better when he isn’t the focus of the attack.
  8. The Browns are definately better than last year, that said, they’re still the Browns and they are cursed to “Browns” things up for all time. Zane Gonzales O.T field-goal attempt for that elusive win was blocked…of course it was. No one really believed they’d win did they?
  9. Dak Prescott cannot carry the Cowboys on his shoulders. Less than 200 yards for an 8th game in 11 and a distinct lack of a connection with any of his WR group meant that once again the opposition could stack the box against Zeke. Jason Garrett got another step closer to being pushed out the door, though I suspect O.C Scott Linehan will be first…
  10. Von Miller is every bit as good as Khalil Mack. 3 sacks for the Broncos helped his team overcome an up and down debut from Case Keenum. Get used to it Denver, that could be the story of the season.
  11. The Detroit Lions got a taste of reality. They found out what happens when you replace a winning coach with an untried co-ordinator plucked from the Belichick coaching-tree. It wasn’t pretty.
  12. Green Bay dodged a bullet. Their main-man was 2 inches from a catastrophic knee-wrecking injury. Instead, Rodgers picked himself up, limped back into the game and further cemented his reputation as the greatest QB in the game right now. DeShone Kizer showed just how valuable A-Rod is, without him Green Bay simply cannot win.
  13. 0-7 all time v the Pats. Thats the Houston Texans record against Brady and co. DuShaun Watson is going to be really good, but that injury broke his flow and he’s effectively starting over from scratch. Give him time, no one beats the Pats at home.
  14. Andrew Luck cannot make all of the Colts issues disappear. He was rusty but still did enough to put up winning numbers…however, the team cannot defend and the run game doesn’t have much juice. 85 total rushing yards isn’t enough to keep the pressure off of Luck, Marlon Mack has never been so eagerly anticipated!
  15. The Jags don’t trust Bortles. Luckily they dont have to as their D is still crushing everything in its path.
  16. Andy Reids decision to move on from Smith and promote Pat Mahomes was a master stroke. Ok, he’ll have weeks where he struggles but the team look explosive and dangerous on every offensive play. However, the really story here is Tyreek Hill. He is the real deal, and appears to wear after-burns on his cleats. 268 Total yards and 1 burned up defense to go please.
  17. The Chargers lost on the field, but the real problem is the lack of fans in the stands. No one is showing up. It was the same last year. Whats the point of a shootout between Rivers and Mahomes if no one shows to watch?!
  18. The Rams are as good as advertised, but they just lost key special-teamer and all-pro kick and punt returner Pharoh Cooper whos been placed on I.R following an ankle injury sustained against the Raiders on Monday night. imagine losing your best S.T player in a game where you barely had to work hard to notch up a win. What a waste.
  19. Tannehill IS an upgrade over Jay Cutler under centre for the Dolphins. Who knew?!
  20. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is being eased back into action following his season ending injury last year. 2.5 yards per carry on 16 attempts isn’t a great return but the team have the time and talent to allow them not to ask too much of their recovering star as he returns to full fitness. 55yards on 6 receptions with a longest of 17yards certainly should be a hint of whats to come once he’s back on song.
  21. Bill Belichick is a winner, and its because he is ruthless. Example: Riley McCarron, in his first professional start muffed a punt and was immediately cut from the team. He’d only signed from the practice squad the day before in an attempt to bulk out the WR Corps. Don’t upset Bill.
  22. With a 141 total yards and three TDs Alvin Kamara showed that he can fill the Ingram-size hole for the next few weeks in New Orleans. The Saints Running Back is a fantasy stud, 33 pts in week1, If you don’t win your fantasy league with him in your team, shame on you. You draft like John Elway.
  23. The Giants fans are celebrating Barkley scoring on a 60yards Td run, but lets be honest, they all wish they’d taken Darnold and secured the future of the franchise…speaking of which…
  24. The Jets fans are celebrating Darnold recovering from an early pick6 to lead their team to victory in the 48-17 blow-out win over the lions. Only once in the last decade have the Jets reached 48pts…2012 v the Bills in case you care… in that same time period they are only 5 games behind the Giants win record. Bet they’re glad they secured the future of their franchise.
  25. I read somewhere that you’d have to be mad to trade away Khalil Mack… This Raiders team is in full rebuild for the re-awakening in Las Vegas. It could be worse, they could bring back Martavius Bryant…oh.
  26. Super Bowl Nick Foles was a one(ish) off. He’s now back to being plain old normal dull Nick Foles. Still, when your team gives up just 74 rushing yards, makes 4 sacks and prevents Matt Ryan from getting near 300 passing yards then Foles is just about good enough.
  27. The Steelers are a mess. More talent then almost any team on offense and a defense thats improving all the time (TJ Watt is really good) and yet they still somehow managed to tie with the Browns. Ok the Browns are better but c’mon, if Big Ben kept his shizz together, LeVeon Bell turned up for work, the coach actually coached rather than cheer-led and Boswell could hit a 40yarder then the Steelers win handily enough.
  28. The 49ers are much improved. They turned the ball over three times but stayed within 1 score of the highly ranked Vikings. In George Kittle they’ve got themselves a really solid player who has years ahead to gel with Jimmy G… see Brady and Gronk or Rivers and Gates.
  29. Earl Thomas is well worthy of whatever cash he wants, quit holding out on the dude Seahawks, you need him! No off-season to warm up yet he jumps right in the an interception returned for 25 yards. PAY THE MAN.
  30. Ryan Fitzpatrick is as good a back up QB as there is in the league and Jamis needs to keep his nose clean. One more off-field incident and the Buccs could easily throw in the towel and use Fitz as a bridge to the next big star.
  31. The Titans can’t rely on Mariota. They need Dion Lewis to step up and create plays whenever he can. The Jitterbug back did it in New England and now he’ll need to work some magic in Tennessee. 110yards combined and a score is as good a start as the Titans could hope for. If he keeps that up they’ll compete, if not, they will struggle to move the chains.
  32. What do you know, Alex Smith isn’t too shabby. The Redskins offense moved well against the Cards and Smith has his favourite toys inĀ  a pass catching back (Thompson) and A big-bodied T.E (Jordan Reed). He may not be flashy but he’s effective. Kirk Cousins was .500 over the last two seasons in Washington, think Smith will be worse?


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