32 Conclusions from Week 2

Well, week 2 was fun, well done if you predicted another tie and another dose of Fitzmagic! Lets take a quick look at the questions, answers and confusions thrown up along the way…


  1. The Bengals D is the real deal. They’ve held a returning superstar (Andrew Luck) and a reborn-champion (Joe Flacco) to 23pts each over the first 2 weeks.
  2. Playing away on a short-week is tough. The Ravens never looked like a dominating defense or an air-attack offense despite pulling off both the previous week v the Bills. Hmm… maybe the Bills can make anyone look good…
  3. Matt Ryan can operate the Sarkisian Offense. 2 Redzone rush-conversions from Matty Ice really set the Falcons up for the win, all achieved without Power-Runner Freeman who missed the game through injury.
  4. Cam Newton is STILL the best rusher on the panthers, leading the team in rushing yards for the 2nd week in a row.
  5. Stone me, who knew Josh Allen would be better than Nate Peterman? Oh yeah, everybody! Christ. Ok so he didn’t set the world on fire, but he didn’t burn it down either. Bills, you suck, but at least you can now see the tunnel through which you must roam just to find the light at the end of it.
  6. Melvin Gordon rarely gets a mention when top running-backs are discussed. That should cease now. 3 scores in this weeks game and an average of 9.3 yards receiving so far this season, move him up into the top 5 please.
  7. Spending draft picks on kickers is a waste. Ask the Vikings, they’ll tell you. Ok, poor Daniel Carlsson, but seriously, just hit 1!
  8. A-Rod on 1 leg is worth a Kirk Cousins on 2. You didn’t need me to say that but i thought i’d hang it out there for you anyways. 30/42 and nearly 300 yards whilst retreating from the Vikings D-line, not bad my friend, not bad.
  9. Browns suck. Gonzales sucks. Hue Jackson sucks. Ties suck. Losing when you had the game in your hands twice, that sucks harder than you nan on a polo. C’MON, WIN ALREADY!
  10. The Saints Miss Mark Ingram. Alvin Kamara had 62 yards on 23 carries this weekend, and didn’t look able to burst through any gaps. Once Ingram is back I expect to see Kamara and the Team really begin to turn on the power.
  11. Having now climbed the ladder to having the 4th most rushing yards EVER, Dolphins running back Frank Gore is a hall-of-fame player…even if he doesn’t have the silverware to go with the stats.
  12. Darnold is going to lead the league in picks, he threw 2 this weekend, but still, the Jets are right to let him go out and sling it. He wasn’t the reason the Jets lost, the rushing game not turning up was at fault for that.
  13. The Steelers are still a mess. The Bell saga continues, Antonio Brown was off the reservation following a tweet from some random ex-employee and the team are now 0-1-1 (Basically 0-2). Big Ben now has the 7th most passing yards of all time, but he can’t make up for a shaky defense every week. Im still campaigning for Tomlin Out.
  14. In a shootout, you want Pat Mahomes on your side. 6 passing TDs? Ok, Pat, you can stop showing off now. No other QB has ever started their first 3 games with 10 TDs.
  15. Carson Wentz can’t come back soon enough (this week everyone, check it out). The Eagles woes v Tampa weren’t all on Foles, but he couldn’t do anything to inspire the team to win.
  16. Fitzmagic is real. For another week anyway. He will eventually regress back to the mean, but until he really poops the bed Jamis is going to be standing on the sideline. Dude also has good chest hair.
  17. 0-2 for the Texans looks bad, but Watson is ok. More importantly hes getting better. 22/32 310y 2Tds 1 Pick. He is going to get back to where he was last year, it just requires patience.
  18. Kevin Byard is a better QB than Blaine Gabbert…and Mariota? 66 yard TD pass is the most by a defensive player ever. Good show!
  19. Eric Ebron is an actual weapon. Eclipsing Jack Doyle even in 2 TE sets, and becoming a firm favourite of Andrew Luck. 2 Tds in 2 games, could ask for more.
  20. The Redskins need to be more aggressive. Luck had less than 200 yards passing but still rolled them easily. The receiving group will have to work hard on generating separation if they want Smith to pick them out. He doesnt do taking chances.
  21. Cardinals are dreadful. The O-line makes Russell Wilson grateful he’s in Seattle. Thrown Rosen in and he’ll get crushed.
  22. Cooks, Kupp and Woods are possibly the best trio of WRs in the league. 295 yards between them and they appear to be able to burn opposition defenses for long gains at any time.7
  23. 9ers Running back Matt Brieda is the real deal. 138 yards including a 66 yard score. McKinnon who?
  24. Matt Stafford continues to frustrate fantasy players. 8 pts last week, 24+ this week. Damn.
  25. The Raiders need a pass-rusher.
  26. Phillip Lindsey is awesome. From no-where to first undrafted rookie RB with consecutive 100 rushing games to start a career. Go pick him up in fantasy, you’ll like him. Hes fun to cheer for too. Unless youre a Raiders fan.
  27. New England have huge problems on defense. 805 yards conceded in 2 games puts them 27th overall on the D-side of the ball. Josh Gordon doesn’t play linebacker does he?
  28. Ok, ok, Blake Bortles had a great game. He’ll have 3 more this season too…
  29. Eli Manning is holding back the Offense. Ok, the O-Line is getting him killed, but he’s so immobile that he cant make use of the Weapons he has on the field. Blame the line all you like, but Manning just doesnt have the legs to help himself out.
  30. Jason Garrett saved his career with the win over the Giants on Sunday. Jerry Jones had said, “it was on the line” and I believe the IT in that conversation was the head coaches job. This one is far from over folks, Jerry wants success now.
  31. The Bears really do have a great defense. How’d that happen eh? Years of high draft  picks to commit to the cause and a brilliant trade with Oakland for the best defensive player in the league? Yeah, thats how. If Mitch Trubisky can open up the field with some bigger throws the Bears will push Green Bay and The Vikings…just wait and see.
  32. Pete Carroll is on borrowed time. The seahawks are struggling and he just called out Russell Wilson for trying to do too much. Come on Pete, youre leaving him out there to get crushed, of course he’s going to run!

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