Conclusions from NFL Week 3

Following all the brilliant NFL week 3 action, here are 32 conclusions worth noting.

  1. Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first win in 635 days and has now been declared as the starter moving forward. All this despite Hue Jackson claiming he’d need to evaluate the game film before making the call. Honestly, Jackson, give it up. This change was forced upon you and worked out great, just say nothing and keep your fingers crossed that this sparks a winning run, cos if Baker Mayfield goes down the pan from here, its all on your useless head-coaching shoulders.
  2. The Jets running game is doing its share to help Darnold and co. compete. Through 3 games Crowell has 171 yards and 4 TDs, whilst Powell has picked up 139 yards and a single score. 100+yards and nearly 2 touchdowns per game is a decent foundation which, despite 2 consecutive losses, bodes well for the future.
  3. Drew Brees is officially better than Brett Favre. The Saints QB passed Favres record for completed passes (6300) in 50 fewer games!!
  4. Calvin Ridley has landed. 146yards and 3 scores…thats as many as Julio managed last season total.
  5. The Broncos are going to suffocate their season if they continue to be penalised as they were last sunday. 140 yards in flags is pretty awful, especially when you consider Case Keenum only passed for 192 yards and has 5INTs to 3 TDs so far this season.
  6. The Ravens Offense is dynamite in the Redzone. 12/12 on the season is a new NFL record.
  7. Joe Mixon is now officially a big loss for the Bengals. Ok its one loss, but when your star RB is out so your QB has to pass more, and your QB is Andy Dalton, you get 4INTs.
  8. Christian McCaffrey IS a running back after all. His first 100+ yard rushing game finally took some weight off of Cams shoulders. Newton still had two rush TDs though…
  9. Ereck Flowers benching should have happened 12 months ago. Im sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s a dreadful O-Lineman.
  10. Speaking of dreadful O-Lines, JJ Watt celebrated his 3 sacks against the Giants like Super Bowl wins. C’mon JJ, its just the Giants…I’d be confident of getting to Eli at least once… Watt looked good, but not dominant as he once was.
  11. Ryan Succop deserves a huge amount of credit. The Titans offense is far from good (102 yards passing from Mariota and Gabbert combined) yet the kicker continues to do enough to help them succeed.
  12. No Redzone appearances, just 12 first downs…do the Jags need Fournette? Yes. Yes they bloody well do.
  13. Oh Jimmy G. Get out of bounds. Youre not a hero. Youre a fool. The 9ers season just went down the pan for the sake of an extra yard, and in truth its a shame. They were starting to click and show signs of success. Garoppolo is a work in progress and that progression just came to a horrible grinding halt. This could set the 9ers back at least a year in terms of development in Shanahans system.
  14. Travis Kelce has definately found his feet after a slow week 1 with Mahomes at the controls. 223 yards and 2 TDs over the last 2 weeks. With Gronk and Ertz struggling in teams not performing, Kelce truly is the top TE out there right now.
  15. 3 Half time leads. 3 second half performances without any ability to fight to the end. 3 defeats. Yep, the Raiders are worse than we thought.
  16. Ryan Tannehill could be a contender for comeback player of the year. In three games he has 687yards, 7Tds, 2 Ints, and a 121.8 passer rating. His career average rating? 87.4.
  17. For once Buffalo was not the worse thing named Bill on TV this week. The name “Nate Peterman” should never be uttered in Buffalo again. Allen looks like a star athlete with plenty of potential, let him flourish, don’t “Bills” this up.
  18. The Vikings are not as good as last years team. No need to panic, but they didn’t pay Cousins to end up 10-6.
  19. Green Bay is one decent (or dirty) QB hit away from losing another season. Maybe its worth wrapping Rodgers up for a couple of weeks to let him recover rather than continuing to expose him to potential harm.
  20. The Redskins have assessed Alex Smiths needs as a quarterback and given him what is required to succeed. Namely, a running game and a TE-heavy attack. Both Tight Ends had 65+ yards receiving and Peterson had his 52nd 100-yard game. Currently they don’t look so daft for letting Cousins go do they?
  21. Stop fretting about Lucks arm-strength. Taking him off of the field as a precaution on a Hail Mary play is sensible management from a team who know what its like to not have their star-player healthy.
  22. Carson Wentz is rusty, but give it 2 more weeks and this Eagles team will be soaring. 255 yards and a TD not a bad comeback.
  23. The chargers failed to make a significant mark on last season due to poor kicking. Their special teams unit this year is again its undoing, suffering a missed xp and a blocked punt returned for a TD. Phillip Rivers cant keep putting the numbers up forever so stop wasting his talent!
  24. Sean McVay has the Rams firing on all cylinders. Goff had a career-yardage game, and they still look like they’re in 2nd gear.
  25. Heard this before…? Khalil Mack is the star of the show in Chicago. 2 more sacks and a forced fumble. Man, that Gruden fella looks like a right douche at the moment…
  26. Its Rosen time in the desert. Bradford was benched after a poor performance (2tds 2 Ints and a fumble) which is fine, but I said before I don’t think he’s the issue and i’m sticking to my assessment. The o-line is awful, the d-line is terrible and the play calling sucks. Get the ball to Fitzgerald! 2 rec for 9yards at the weekend! its not hard to see whats wrong.
  27. The cowboys just inched closer to getting a new head coach. 8/34 on first down this year just wont cut it, Garrett has to go.
  28. As with Carolina and Newton, when Seattle take some of the pressure off of Russell Wilson they look good. Chris Carson was their first 100 yard rusher since Dec 2016 (Thomas Rawls).
  29. The Patriots are in trouble. 1-2 isn’t the issue, the fact they play the dolphins this week and could very easily lose, which would put them 3 games and a divisional tie-break behind the ‘fins..thats the issue. Both side of the ball are struggling and unless Edleman returns waving a magic wand, this slump could continue.
  30. Smith-Shuster is a lightnight bolt. Big Ben just needs to pick him out every week and the Steelers will be successful. Thats 356 yards in 3 games so far…impressive stuff.
  31. Ryan Fitzpatrick must remain the starter for the Buccs. Ok he threw 3 INTs but he also dragged the team back into the game in the 2nd half and came up 3 points shy of another magic show. Winston should be traded, he’s bad for the team and not a natural leader.
  32. Matt Stafford and his receivers had a good day (Golloday, Jones and Tate all topped 50 yards receiving) and that was helped by having a run game (see a theme this week)? Kerryon Johnson was the Lions first 100 yard-man since Reggie Bush in 2013.

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