Possible Trades Before the Deadline

With the trade deadline looming, I’ve had a look at a few teams that could do with adding a new player or two to either help them get over the hump or to just make their team not be totally awful!

Jacksonville Jaguars

First up is the Jags who technically fit in both camps of being awful and needing help to push for a playoff push, the former being their more recent form.  The Jags are suffering from their decision in the off season to not bring in competition for quarterback Blake Bortles. With the benching of Bortles in week seven, the coaching staff demonstrated that they might now be realising what everyone else realised some time ago.  Bortles isn’t good enough. So the Jags need a quarterback and if it’s not Colin Kaepernick then maybe they should pick up the phone to the Ravens. Robert Griffin III is on the Ravens squad but rarely suits up for a game now that the Ravens seem confident enough in Lamar Jackson as a backup.  RG3 obviously has experience of the NFL and in preseason looked ok for the Ravens. He’d probably be an upgrade over Bortles and at the very least, be a source of competition for the beleaguered quarterback.

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New Orleans Saints

The Saints offense is awesome, no changes needed there unless a second wide receiver can be identified at a good price.  What does need work is the defense which was good last year but suffering in 2018. With news that Patrick Peterson wants out of Arizona and is keen on a move to New Orleans, the Saints need to be jumping.  The issue is the cost. The Saints have already given up their first round pick for 2019, the price I would expect a talent like Peterson to cost so whether they can package up a player and/or picks is the biggest question.  With Peterson playing alongside Lattimore though, it’d make for an exciting backfield.

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Green Bay Packers

The NFC North is fast becoming one of the most contested divisions in football whereby you could make an argument for every team having a decent chance at getting a playoff position either through winning it or via a wildcard.  Along with the Vikings, you’d probably give the Packers the edge within the league but what could push them over the edge slightly more would be to have a decent running game. With two first round picks next year, the Packers could probably forfeit their second round pick and take a chance that Le’Veon Bell can quickly get back to form following his long holdout.  Bell of course would need to be in agreement to the trade (and I think he would) and the Steelers would be happier to deal him to an NFC team. It would not only give Rodgers a running game to lean on with a bit more reliability but would also give him another weapon in the passing game.

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New York Jets

Sam Darnold is coming along nicely at quarterback but he’s throwing to a bunch of no name receivers.  Imagine if he had a decent receiver to target? Step forward Demaryius Thomas from the Broncos. The Broncos have Emmanuel Sanders as the veteran and increasingly we’re seeing more of rookie wide receiver Courtland Sutton being involved in the passing game.  He’s a natural replacement for Thomas, and being on his rookie contract is cheaper! Makes sense for the Broncos to get some value for the veteran and it helps the Jets put a decent receiver for Darnold to play with.

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Houston Texans

The Texans sent their quarterback Deshaun Watson to Jacksonville and back on a bus in week seven as his cracked rib and partial collapsed lung injury prevented him from travelling on a plane.  Fair play to the guy though, he’s toughing it out and playing on. I’ve cracked a rib and it bloody hurts to breathe let alone take hits from defensive lineman! So Watson needs some protection and the Raiders are apparently having some sort of fire sale as they look to send every player of worth to whoever wants to pay the most.  Therefore I’m going to send guard Kelechi Osemele to the Houston Texans. The offensive line in Oakland isn’t great but Osemele is a good player who can help protect the young quarterback from the rigours of the AFC South.

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Philadelphia Eagles

Another Raiders player who has reportedly not impressed Jon Gruden is safety and former first round pick Karl Joseph.  In his first season, Joseph had impressed for Oakland but seemingly has fallen out of favour with the silver and black.  Step forward the Eagles who’s backfield has been a dumpster fire throughout the 2018 season so far. Some reinforcements there would go a long way to helping them get back to the playoffs.

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Indianapolis Colts

There’s a few directions the Colts could go in.  Their defense is better but could still use help.  The running game until last week was looking decidedly unproductive but maybe they’ll give Marlon Mack a run of games and see how he performs.  Where they do need help is wide receiver with only Ty Hilton being a name that most fans would recognise. With DeVante Parker’s agents public dressing down of the Dolphins staff this week, it could well mean that the wide receiver on his way out of Miami.  Parker would compliment Hilton well in the passing game and give Luck a decent possession type player to throw the ball to in the end zone who’s not called Eric Ebron. The cost? Probably a third round pick which isn’t a ludicrous amount for a player who’s never really realised his potential.

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New York Giants

Ok, so this probably won’t happen till the end of the year or beginning of next.  But the Raiders want a fresh start and are getting increasingly dismayed with Derek Carr and the Giants are becoming increasingly desperate at with regards to the ‘Eli situation’.  So Derek Carr, annoyed by the departures of every other “star” player heads to New York to replace Eli Manning for the Giants. Will probably take a first round pick but makes sense for both franchises if Gruden and co is serious about a reboot.

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