An end to the Brown drama ?

Finally, the drama is over!  Well, probably not given Antonio Brown’s most recent behaviour. Just a quick note on my thoughts of the trade & new deal that has landed one of the leagues best wide receivers in Oakland.

From a trade value point of view, it’s a great deal for the Raiders and kudos to new GM Mike Mayock for getting this done.  When the rumours first started circulating at the end of the regular season that Brown wanted out of Pittsburgh, the word was that the Steelers wanted multiple picks and for at least one first round pick.  Then Brown’s social media campaign kicked in and suddenly the value dropped!  Anyway, a third and a fifth round pick is a good deal for the Raiders.

Right at the start of all this, the 49er fan contingent of our little group were very excited.  Especially when George Kittle started his little Twitter campaign to bring Brown to San Francisco.  By the time of the Super Bowl and after a few tweets and more details of why Brown sat out the final regular season game, I was pretty against the idea of seeing him in red and gold.  The subsequent posts on various social media platforms drove me to the extreme end of that and once John Lynch came out and said they weren’t interested I was relieved!  I’m sure other fan bases may have felt the same.  Yes, he’s a great player.  He’s had great production and scored a stack of TDs.  But he’s got the innate ability to divide a locker room.  Aside form the recent spat with his team in 2018, there’s also the time he filmed and broadcasted the locker room on Facebook Live after a playoff win.  Yes he has the contract he wants which gives him more guaranteed money – but how long will he be happy with that?

The contract for a 31 year old receiver is a bit on the steep side.  $50m over three years, $30m of that guaranteed.  If he were a bigger possession type receiver I might have been more ok but a lot of Brown’s game is based on his speed and route running.  Raider fans should be nervous about whether or not that is ability drops off over the next few years.

Anyway, I don’t think that this will be the end of the drama.  I mean what the hell is going to happen when Brown is living in Las Vegas ?!?

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