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Eli is 38. Eli counts $22million against the cap. Eli is dreadful. 7 Super Bowls have passed since Big Blue, led by the bad Manning brother, won the championship. In that time the Giants have a 47-65 record, 1 post-season appearance and zero obvious plan for what to do next… but as long as you have OJB in NYC there is hope. OH WAIT… YOU DID WHAT?!

Trading Beckham is part of the Gettleman legacy of failure that permeates through the Giants organisation. OBJ was the 3rd/4th best receiver in the league and when teamed with Barkley and Evan Engram you really felt the Giants were one half-decent QB away from .500 and above. Surely as GM you concentrate on keeping your star-contributors and help them out by adding the missing pieces around them as best as possible. What you don’t do is try to rebuild a franchise around Eli Manning instead of the Beckham/Brakley/Engram triumvirate.

Remember when the football universe went mad because the Giants replaced Eli with Geno Smith, breaking the Iron Man streak of starts? The move was widely derided but on reflection it was a coach trying to give Eli a kick in the ass to up his game. Well, 2 years on its clear that up is still not an option. Geno was never the answer, maybe Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta were just darts in the dark, but the fact remains, no QB, no hope.

Drafting Barkley instead of Darnold/Allen/Rosen has been great for fans of stats but contributed little in terms of actual results. G.M David Gettleman cannot point to a plan to turn the fortunes of the G-Men around as he clearly doesn’t have one. What he has is a head full of mis-placed faith in an aging veteran with lead feet and a weak arm (Not only did OBJ represent the only deep-threat but he also threw the two longest TDs for the Giants last season). The draft represents the last role of the dice for Giants fans hoping to see winning football this season, I wouldn’t trust Gettleman to get it right, would you? Take Dwayne Haskins at number 6 and cross your fingers that he lights up the league like Mayfield with the Browns, a job that would be made much easier with OBJ to throw the ball to. If The Giants dont draft the right QB then 3-13 football is all the lies ahead in New York. Good Grief.

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