We’re here to share our love of American Football and the NFL with you. We’re no experts, just a bunch of amateurs from the UK who want to share our love with other people getting into this fantastic sport. Huge hits, evasive runners and the best athletes in the world, what is not to love really…well we’ll get into that on the Podcast. Let us know what you think.

The Team
Jonny Thrash
Team – New York Giants
Got into NFL – Playing Madden on my friends Sega Mega Drive and NFL Blitz on Channel 4 in the early 1990s with my dad and younger brother. After lapsing for a while got back into NFL playing Madden ’07 on my Xbox 360 with my housemate in London, and a love for Troy Polamalu’s hair.
Team – New England Patriots
Got into NFL – Playing Madden on the MegaDrive
Team – San Francisco 49ers
4th & Inches
Team – New York Giants
Jimmy G
Team – San Francisco 49ers